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3–21 To test pod setup/hold time The pod setup/hold time test makes use of the sample offset, oversampling, and the state listing compare features of the 16517A/18A module. 400 ns period to the 16517A module through the calibration pod. The sample offset feature positions the actual sample point such that the test data is stable for 350 ps prior to sampling, and also 350 ps after sampling. Because the relationship between the clock signal entering the pod and the sample clock controlling data acquisition is not characterized for oversampling modes, the test may not pass at a 350 ps sample offset.

Refer to the User’s Guide for more information on saving configuration files to disk. Access the self-tests For an explanation of the tests, refer to the Self-Tests Descriptions in chapter 8. 1 Disconnect all inputs, then turn on the power switch if the mainframe is not turned on. 2 In the System Configuration menu, touch Configuration. In the pop-up menu, touch Test. If the 16517A/18A module is configured in an Agilent Technologies 16500A mainframe, the PV system disk must be installed in one of the flexible disk drives.

In the pop-up menu, select Not Equal. f Touch Done. g Touch the Reference Listing field. The field should toggle to Difference Listing. 3–25 Testing Performance To test pod setup/hold time 5 Test for valid data using the Compare mode. Select Run-Repetitive. If 2 - 4 successive acquisitions are obtained with no failures, then the test passes. Record the pass status in the performance test record; otherwise, repeat steps 4 and 5. 6 Test the next pod. a Disconnect the data channels of the pod under test from the calibration module.

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