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By Tuomas Hytönen, Jan van Neerven, Mark Veraar, Lutz Weis

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The current quantity develops the speculation of integration in Banach areas, martingales and UMD areas, and culminates in a therapy of the Hilbert rework, Littlewood-Paley conception and the vector-valued Mihlin multiplier theorem.

Over the previous fifteen years, stimulated via regularity difficulties in evolution equations, there was large development within the research of Banach space-valued services and tactics.

The contents of this huge and strong toolbox were usually scattered round in examine papers and lecture notes. amassing this varied physique of fabric right into a unified and available presentation fills a spot within the current literature. The valuable viewers that we have got in brain contains researchers who want and use research in Banach areas as a device for learning difficulties in partial differential equations, harmonic research, and stochastic research. Self-contained and supplying entire proofs, this paintings is on the market to graduate scholars and researchers with a historical past in sensible research or similar areas.

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For instance, one may take S = (0, 1), the unit interval with the Lebesgue measure on the Borel σ-algebra, T = (0, 1) with the counting measure on the power set, and f = 1{s=t} . It is easy to see that f is (A × B)-measurable (the diagonal is the intersection of a countable family of rectangles) but it cannot be approximated by simple functions having the properties stated above (such an approximation would involve at most countably many points of T ). Convexity and integration We continue with some aspects of the Bochner integral related to convexity and in particular we derive a vector-valued version of Jensen’s inequality.

Bn ) ∈ Kn satisfy max1 j n |bj | 1. If the bj are real, then (b1 , . . , bn ) is a convex combination of the 2n elements of the form ( 1 , . . , n ) with j ∈ {−1, 1}. As a consequence, n bj x j C. j=1 If the bj are complex we consider real and imaginary parts separately and obtain the same estimate, but with constant 2C. After this preliminary remark we define, for k = 1, 2, 3, . . , l ak := sup bj x j : l k, |bj | 1 for all k j l . j=k Note that 1 ak C (in the case of real scalars) and 1 ak 2C (in the case of complex scalars) for all k 1 and that a1 a2 .

We claim that it is also closed, from which the boundedness follows by the closed graph theorem. Suppose that limn→∞ x∗n = x∗ in Y and limn→∞ Tf x∗n = g in Lp (S). By passing to a subsequence (if p ∈ [1, ∞); this is not needed for p = ∞) we may assume that limn→∞ Tf x∗n = g almost everywhere on S. On the other hand, limn→∞ Tf x∗n = limn→∞ f, x∗n = f, x∗ pointwise on S. Therefore g = f, x∗ and the claim is proved. 17. We only need to prove that (2) implies (1); the proof will also give the isometry.

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