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By Takeru Akazawa, Kenichi Aoki, Ofer Bar-Yosef

ISBN-10: 0306471531

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During this interesting quantity, the center Paleolithic archaeology of the center East is dropped at the present debate at the origins of sleek people. those gathered papers assemble the main updated archaeological discoveries of Western Asia - a zone that's usually overshadowed via African or ecu findings - however the merely zone on the planet the place either Neandertal and early sleek human fossils were came upon. the gathering comprises experiences on such good identified cave websites as Kebara, Hayonim, and Qafzeh, between others. The details and interpretations to be had listed here are a needs to for any critical researcher or pupil of anthropology or human evolution.

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Only four occurences (in Bulgaria, Croatia, Ligurian Italy, and Cantabrian Spain), and then often fragmentary cranial parts, are demonstrably associated with the antecedent, geologically older Aurignacian; in all instances their known morphology is also that of Homo sapiens. Of broadly comparable antiquity are Ahmarian occurrences, three in number and each with fragmentary cranial parts, in the Levant similarly referable to Homo sapiens. Consequently the Aurignacian complex, allochthonous to much of Europe and quite abrupt in its ap- 24 F.

Such instances are found largely, though not exclusively clustered in Aquitanian France and the Alpine forelands of central Europe; still earlier occurrences are known in the Balkans (Temnata Cave). Mobiliary items are most often expressed in media afforded by animal hard parts, notably teeth, ivory and bone, and more rarely antler. Perforated teeth, both ungulate and carnivore species, as well as exotic shell may be abundant. Ivory (and shell) beads, the former produced through an elaborate, multistage process employing well-defined steps of manufacture, are locally common.

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