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By Rodney Castleden

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Plato's legend of Atlantis has turn into infamous between students because the absurdest lie in literature. Atlantis Destroyed explores the chance that the account given via Plato is traditionally actual.
Rodney Castleden first considers the positioning of Atlantis re-examining feedback recommend within the early 20th century; Minoan Crete and Minoan Thera. He outlines the newest examine findings on Knossos and Bronze Age Thera, discussing the fabric tradition, exchange empire and agricultural approach, writing and wall work, paintings, faith and society of the Minoan civilization. Castleden demonstrates the various parallels among Plato's narrative and the Minoan Civilization within the Aegean.
Fired via the mind's eye a brand new imaginative and prescient of Atlantis has arisen during the last 100 and fifty years as a misplaced utopia. Rodney Castleden discusses why this photo arose and explains the way it has turn into harassed with Plato's actual account.

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Some elements in all this are well known, such as the trade patterns in obsidian, but not all; it may be that if we knew more about the Cycladic people’s wooden artefacts we might view the culture differently. Nevertheless, in the earliest phase, until 2600 BC, exchanges of ideas, raw materials and manufactured goods were limited island to island within the Cyclades. By 2600–2300 BC (Early Cycladic II) there was expansion in every sphere of activity. Painted decoration was added to pottery: there were new pottery shapes, including an elegant sauceboat and a saucer-shaped bowl, both of which have been found on the Greek mainland, showing that trade was under way.

This event they transferred to the neighbouring Crete, an island which was dreadfully struck and with which they had lost contact suddenly. In other words, the Platonic story, filtered through the perception of Egyptian priests, compressed and combined two separate but related events, the explosion and large-scale subsidence of Thera and the (possibly consequent) implosion and collapse of the Cretan economy. That the great Atlantean civilization had flourished on Thera too had not yet occurred to Marinatos.

More significantly still, in view of what was to come later, wall-paintings were discovered, just before the excavators were forced to stop for fear of the trench walls collapsing. The wall-paintings were beautiful and still intact on the walls. Nothing like these paintings at Akrotiri would ever be found at the Minoan sites waiting to be discovered on Crete: even the Great Temple at Knossos would not yield anything as complete or as well preserved. They proved beyond doubt that the French archaeologists had discovered the homes of wealthy, civilized people.

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